Workınton Offices Akaretler

Workinton is a multidisciplinary working space, serving in 11 branchs, which gathers people from different proffessions and let them rent rooms both for short and long term use. They provide service to freelancers, corporate clients.
Platform AD was included in the brand’s corporate identity, UX design, architectural and service design phase. During the conceptual design phase, we aimed to design a working space, which will be ergonomic, increase the concentration, motivate, comfortable as home, but won’t drowsy like home. To fullfill these elements, the right use of space; ergonomic furniture, socializing areas, lighting, acoustics were designed carefully.
Category : Architecture
Type: Office
Client: Workinton/Urban Station
Location: Istanbul, TURKEY
Area: 1530 sqm
Project: Project Design, Project Construction
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